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Gym, my passion :D Date: Oct 23rd @ 7:20am EDT
I started going to the gym when I was 18 or 19 years old.
I was skinny, I didn't like my body at all, so I decided it is time for a change.
After I started going to the gym, I started to learn about food and what is a healthy diet.
So, because I liked so much working out, I became a personal trainer.
I enjoy to help people change their lives for the best.
If I did it, I'm sure someone else will too.
welcome to my blog :) Date: Feb 7th @ 11:12am EST
this is where i will be sharing with you guys stuff from my life outside the cam.

so here you can find out things like what i do in my spare time,how my weekends went,what i like to eat to stay in shape and all that interesting details

if you will have any specific questions about me please do feel free to ask me whatever you'd like to know about me and i will develop it here for you

thank you guys

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